Thoughts of hopelessness, despair, and endless circle of dark emotions encompassed the days of the past and present making the heart utterly dry and lifeless, the advent of the twin flame and the vibes of hope began to sink into the very core of the being. Seeing and feeling the vibes that come from the place far away from me, visualizing such feelings with the heart and feel the touch hot and cold at the same time, like the freshest of springs pour down on to the solid rock and shaping the rock as it goes deep and take root in the very core that’s been kept safe. Being revitalized by the twin flame and joining all the shattered pieces into one, a new life has been breathed into the being; this’s the pure immortality of the soul. Which shines bright in many colours and the eternal journey of the soul has begun once again and the quest to find the other twin flame unfolded at the right time making the life worth living and fighting for, one has to be totally consumed by the fires of passion, love and the eternal urge. The twin flame has to go in search of the other in the places unexpected, distance and time would seem frozen and the relentless search continues with high excitement making the fire burn bright with passion, the flame emitted by love is the brightest of the flames and when the twin flame comes in touch with the other, even indirectly it becomes quite apparent and the excitement is as painful as it is baffling. A brief moments of silence surrounds and the soul began to tiptoe and kill the over excitement and keep up the patience for a bit longer. It’s the testing time for the twin flame and it began to weigh the options of either giving in or wait a bit longer, nothing kills the being as much as the excitement does. The twin flame approaches the other and reveals the true nature and shows the ancient memories that have been preserved for a long time.