A man set on an unknown path in his life goes onto the tallest hill screaming his lungs out Who am i? in the despair of his current existential crisis to know his place and purpose in this world. His voice echoed all over the place, he continued doing it with much energy, passion, anger and frustration, his voice echoed and reverberated across the plain and he expected to listen his own voice over and over again, amidst the lingering thoughts of his mind; he listened the voice of the inner spirit transcending on this plain, taking shape, as the Goddess looks down upon the man with a smile shine caused by the brightest diamond placed in the ornament on her head, and her hands that inspire creativity in this universe has rings of ruby, sapphire, diamond, moonstone and topaz, being mounted in the gold rings that glitters as bright as Sun being worn around her fingers, and her attire as divine as herself, hair as dark as the darkness and embedded with the brightest galaxies of red, purple and blue; set around her forehead like a hairband. Eyes shining as bright as Sun and moon, giving out light to the universe, feet as high as the highest sky in the universe, to which all Gods bow and worship, words merely do justice to describe her form completely. The Goddess began to convey the message that could set the man on a different path which he never imagined himself to be and she said with a smile on her face, o dear son you could become what you choose to be, i will be here with you in every step you take and lead you to the place where your heart’s desire, but remember not to worry much about other things which could potentially act as distractors. Follow the path you chose with a clear mind, dedication, will and courage. The Goddess vanished from the plain but she assures the man to stay and guide him all the way through.