The once mighty people who reigned over the fertile, picturesque, woody lands surrounded by majestic mountains with shiny lustre and sharp slope of death. Snowy mountains to the North covering a vast area of land, being amassed with immeasurable quantities of snow with sharp icy shards glitter brightly to the dawning sun, leafless tall tress bending and touching with another tree appearing as kissing each other, wolves howling as they encircle the land as marking their territory, land, trees and mountains reminiscing the glory of the ancients who once inhabited with glory and brought honour to their kin and Gods alike. Walking tall as they go about the city with an attire of the Kings, charisma of the most pious priests, manners and etiquettes of a well-read person, strength of a lion, conviction of a spiritual warrior, knowledge and wisdom of a scholar, a bright smile of an optimist. Blood being a channel that carries ancient wisdom, practices, skills, and indescribable amount of power; which speaks to me in my worst moments of despair, weakness, broken spirit. A mere thought of the ancients would awake centuries of unforgotten and lost memories of your own identity and origins that initiated eons ago and reminds the perpetuation of an ancient, endless bloodline. One life of an ancient equals to many of us today, wars fought and blood spilt willingly to safeguard and protect the ancient rites, heritage and culture from the invading, selfish, evil forces of the world. Blood is such a vessel that never dries up, carries memories of the past and reminds us today that we are the product of their love and sacrifice. Which echoes through the ages to come, blood that flows through these veins today carries the same potency, virtues, strength and indescribable power. Upon closing my eyes i am transported back to the realm of the ancients and reminds me that my standards have been set long before my birth, measuring up with the ancients in every manner is a task i see in front of my eyes day in and day out, feeling as overwhelmed as i feel from all the thoughts that have washed me away like the highest wave of the ocean and yet feeling rejuvenated in the spirit and body. The feeling is unexplainable and profoundly spiritual, as the mortal mind is attempting to make sense of it all and give it a shape. Reminiscing about the ancients and the wonderful things they had accomplished sheds a bright light of hope, power, strength and blessings that could enable me to follow my own path with dedication, courage and with purpose. It’s a walk with the ancients, hail the mighty Ancients and the blood i carry in the veins.