Being born from the cradle of life as a bolus, being protruded by the motherly appendage of eternal bond that breathes the life forces, will to live, power to evolve, perseverance beyond the human comprehension, spirituality and skills of the ancients, unbroken memories of the past, true identity, cryptic information of the centuries, and the tools needed to triumph this current life; into the being along with the breath of life, shaping the bolus as the time passes by. Feeding with food and giving air to breathe, the nature’s touch works like a magic making the bolus malleable to be shaped as a Warrior, survivor, and the protector and several archetypes go along with the divine touch of the Divine Mother. Growing as heavy as the lunar cycles shift and turn, the divine feminine never feels frustrated, confused, saddened by the current burden and embraces it with full love, devotion and undying hope and constant dreaming about her progeny and what future holds? She does it with pure perfection without realizing how she’s doing it, lunar cycles shift rapidly and her eagerness to see her progeny grow big and call her ‘’Mum’’ her heart flows like a river of life and the smile that is much brighter than the moon itself. Teaching the first words of life, the Divine Feminine acts as the first teacher of all and every word the child utter is the sweetest word to her ears. The child becomes her life and she keeps dreaming of teaching her child about values, ethics, virtues, through the stories of the Gods, Goddesses, Kings, Queens and warriors. When the time arrives she does it exactly as she thought of doing and fills the vessel of the child with these wonderful stories and encourage to be as such in every walk of life. The malleable touch of her creation, shaping and evolving the generations and let them fill the pages of history with their victories and conquests, but her story hasn’t been inked in any books. This is the eternal story that needs to be inked and be taught to everyone in the present days of declining values and the madness that making the people to forget about ‘’Divine Feminine’’.