Into the deep, darkest and mystic woods on the other side of the hills i venture with sparkling eyes of a sparrow, turning my head around as i go and feel the serenity of the land encompassed with magic and tall trees that seem to speak in loud voices as they shake with the coming of blizzard and thick snow that’s been spread across them like the thickest white blanket, and scattered diamonds of snow shining as bright as the brightest diamonds, thin shards of ice formed by the very touch of nature and shine in the beauty of all of it. Every step i take deep into the woods illuminate and amaze me, the icy light that brightens up the dark winter night of the surrounding woods fill my mind with excitement and makes my eyes look at the things as if it was my first time to see all that and i feel the touch of Goddess in every shard of ice. The icy light is such a thing to watch with the naked eyes, it’s purely sensational to the eyes and heart that yearns to feel, see and revel in all that. As i reach the centre of the woods, i came upon shining waves of light on the clear sky emitting blue light, it’s a dream come true for a lifetime to watch Northern lights show up as it is the perfect delight, the Northern lights have definitely managed to put a smile on my face. Chasing them across the snowy roads i began to capture their images in my eyes and never to open them again, its a purest form of joy i experienced and the urge doesn’t seem to end. Walking through the snowy streets on the dark winter night is simply wonderful and it is like walking on a totally different plane, feel the magic of the Winter at every turn you take and feel the radiance of shiny ice crystals scattered across the plane.