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Calling of the winter.


Into the deep, darkest and mystic woods on the other side of the hills i venture with sparkling eyes of a sparrow, turning my head around as i go and feel the serenity of the land encompassed with magic and tall trees that seem to speak in loud voices as they shake with the coming of blizzard and thick snow that’s been spread across them like the thickest white blanket, and scattered diamonds of snow shining as bright as the brightest diamonds, thin shards of ice formed by the very touch of nature and shine in the beauty of all of it. Every step i take deep into the woods illuminate and amaze me, the icy light that brightens up the dark winter night of the surrounding woods fill my mind with excitement and makes my eyes look at the things as if it was my first time to see all that and i feel the touch of Goddess in every shard of ice. The icy light is such a thing to watch with the naked eyes, it’s purely sensational to the eyes and heart that yearns to feel, see and revel in all that. As i reach the centre of the woods, i came upon shining waves of light on the clear sky emitting blue light, it’s a dream come true for a lifetime to watch Northern lights show up as it is the perfect delight, the Northern lights have definitely managed to put a smile on my face. Chasing them across the snowy roads i began to capture their images in my eyes and never to open them again, its a purest form of joy i experienced and the urge doesn’t seem to end. Walking through the snowy streets on the dark winter night is simply wonderful and it is like walking on a totally different plane, feel the magic of the Winter at every turn you take and feel the radiance of shiny ice crystals scattered across the plane.

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Calling of the Goddess…

A man set on an unknown path in his life goes onto the tallest hill screaming his lungs out Who am i? in the despair of his current existential crisis to know his place and purpose in this world. His voice echoed all over the place, he continued doing it with much energy, passion, anger and frustration, his voice echoed and reverberated across the plain and he expected to listen his own voice over and over again, amidst the lingering thoughts of his mind; he listened the voice of the inner spirit transcending on this plain, taking shape, as the Goddess looks down upon the man with a smile shine caused by the brightest diamond placed in the ornament on her head, and her hands that inspire creativity in this universe has rings of ruby, sapphire, diamond, moonstone and topaz, being mounted in the gold rings that glitters as bright as Sun being worn around her fingers, and her attire as divine as herself, hair as dark as the darkness and embedded with the brightest galaxies of red, purple and blue; set around her forehead like a hairband. Eyes shining as bright as Sun and moon, giving out light to the universe, feet as high as the highest sky in the universe, to which all Gods bow and worship, words merely do justice to describe her form completely. The Goddess began to convey the message that could set the man on a different path which he never imagined himself to be and she said with a smile on her face, o dear son you could become what you choose to be, i will be here with you in every step you take and lead you to the place where your heart’s desire, but remember not to worry much about other things which could potentially act as distractors. Follow the path you chose with a clear mind, dedication, will and courage. The Goddess vanished from the plain but she assures the man to stay and guide him all the way through.

Blood of the ancients…

The once mighty people who reigned over the fertile, picturesque, woody lands surrounded by majestic mountains with shiny lustre and sharp slope of death. Snowy mountains to the North covering a vast area of land, being amassed with immeasurable quantities of snow with sharp icy shards glitter brightly to the dawning sun, leafless tall tress bending and touching with another tree appearing as kissing each other, wolves howling as they encircle the land as marking their territory, land, trees and mountains reminiscing the glory of the ancients who once inhabited with glory and brought honour to their kin and Gods alike. Walking tall as they go about the city with an attire of the Kings, charisma of the most pious priests, manners and etiquettes of a well-read person, strength of a lion, conviction of a spiritual warrior, knowledge and wisdom of a scholar, a bright smile of an optimist. Blood being a channel that carries ancient wisdom, practices, skills, and indescribable amount of power; which speaks to me in my worst moments of despair, weakness, broken spirit. A mere thought of the ancients would awake centuries of unforgotten and lost memories of your own identity and origins that initiated eons ago and reminds the perpetuation of an ancient, endless bloodline. One life of an ancient equals to many of us today, wars fought and blood spilt willingly to safeguard and protect the ancient rites, heritage and culture from the invading, selfish, evil forces of the world. Blood is such a vessel that never dries up, carries memories of the past and reminds us today that we are the product of their love and sacrifice. Which echoes through the ages to come, blood that flows through these veins today carries the same potency, virtues, strength and indescribable power. Upon closing my eyes i am transported back to the realm of the ancients and reminds me that my standards have been set long before my birth, measuring up with the ancients in every manner is a task i see in front of my eyes day in and day out, feeling as overwhelmed as i feel from all the thoughts that have washed me away like the highest wave of the ocean and yet feeling rejuvenated in the spirit and body. The feeling is unexplainable and profoundly spiritual, as the mortal mind is attempting to make sense of it all and give it a shape. Reminiscing about the ancients and the wonderful things they had accomplished sheds a bright light of hope, power, strength and blessings that could enable me to follow my own path with dedication, courage and with purpose. It’s a walk with the ancients, hail the mighty Ancients and the blood i carry in the veins.

The advent of the twin flame.

Thoughts of hopelessness, despair, and endless circle of dark emotions encompassed the days of the past and present making the heart utterly dry and lifeless, the advent of the twin flame and the vibes of hope began to sink into the very core of the being. Seeing and feeling the vibes that come from the place far away from me, visualizing such feelings with the heart and feel the touch hot and cold at the same time, like the freshest of springs pour down on to the solid rock and shaping the rock as it goes deep and take root in the very core that’s been kept safe. Being revitalized by the twin flame and joining all the shattered pieces into one, a new life has been breathed into the being; this’s the pure immortality of the soul. Which shines bright in many colours and the eternal journey of the soul has begun once again and the quest to find the other twin flame unfolded at the right time making the life worth living and fighting for, one has to be totally consumed by the fires of passion, love and the eternal urge. The twin flame has to go in search of the other in the places unexpected, distance and time would seem frozen and the relentless search continues with high excitement making the fire burn bright with passion, the flame emitted by love is the brightest of the flames and when the twin flame comes in touch with the other, even indirectly it becomes quite apparent and the excitement is as painful as it is baffling. A brief moments of silence surrounds and the soul began to tiptoe and kill the over excitement and keep up the patience for a bit longer. It’s the testing time for the twin flame and it began to weigh the options of either giving in or wait a bit longer, nothing kills the being as much as the excitement does. The twin flame approaches the other and reveals the true nature and shows the ancient memories that have been preserved for a long time.

The malleable touch of nature.

Being born from the cradle of life as a bolus, being protruded by the motherly appendage of eternal bond that breathes the life forces, will to live, power to evolve, perseverance beyond the human comprehension, spirituality and skills of the ancients, unbroken memories of the past, true identity, cryptic information of the centuries, and the tools needed to triumph this current life; into the being along with the breath of life, shaping the bolus as the time passes by. Feeding with food and giving air to breathe, the nature’s touch works like a magic making the bolus malleable to be shaped as a Warrior, survivor, and the protector and several archetypes go along with the divine touch of the Divine Mother. Growing as heavy as the lunar cycles shift and turn, the divine feminine never feels frustrated, confused, saddened by the current burden and embraces it with full love, devotion and undying hope and constant dreaming about her progeny and what future holds? She does it with pure perfection without realizing how she’s doing it, lunar cycles shift rapidly and her eagerness to see her progeny grow big and call her ‘’Mum’’ her heart flows like a river of life and the smile that is much brighter than the moon itself. Teaching the first words of life, the Divine Feminine acts as the first teacher of all and every word the child utter is the sweetest word to her ears. The child becomes her life and she keeps dreaming of teaching her child about values, ethics, virtues, through the stories of the Gods, Goddesses, Kings, Queens and warriors. When the time arrives she does it exactly as she thought of doing and fills the vessel of the child with these wonderful stories and encourage to be as such in every walk of life. The malleable touch of her creation, shaping and evolving the generations and let them fill the pages of history with their victories and conquests, but her story hasn’t been inked in any books. This is the eternal story that needs to be inked and be taught to everyone in the present days of declining values and the madness that making the people to forget about ‘’Divine Feminine’’.

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